What Is Personalized Gift? (Colour Touch PROSUB ink compare)

People always search about gift ideas that could present a meaningful, sincerity and thoughtfulness to recipient. Here we show you how personalized gift ideas can be use in following:
Friendship: A gift to our friends on birthday. Or say thank you to friend who helped you earlier.
Family: A gift to our parents on Parent Day, Family Day or Reunion Day.
Love: A gift to our beloved one on Valentine's Day.
Wedding: A gift to the newly-married couple.
School: A gift to our teachers on Teacher Day or convocation day.
Hospital: A gift to encourage and inspire patients on recovering from illnesses.
Business: A small free gifts allow business owner to add value to their business.
Of course there are millions of personalized gift ideas in the world. As I can say there is no limitation, as long as there is a relationship among us, there is always a market for personalized gift ideas.

We provided wide range of sublimation product and blanks in worldwide such as mousepad, jigsaw puzzle, mirror case, pillow cushion, key holder, phone case, flask, mugs, bags, coaster, plater, tiles and  etc..

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Temperature Guide:
Ceramic Tiles T1- 180C, TFE 240 sec
Ceramic Tiles T2 & T3- 180C, TFE 320 sec
Ceramic Tiles T4- 180C, TFE 330 sec
Photo Rock- 180C, TFE 420 sec.
Pillow Cushion, Mouse Pad, Mini Tee- 170C, TFE 90 sec
Mirror Case, Key Chain, COT, SAK- 170C, TFE 70 sec, TFN 120 sec.

Mug-A, Colour, Latte 12/17, Magic Mug- 180C, TFN 220 sec, TFE 160 sec.

Flask- 180C, TFE 120 sec, TFN 220 sec.

Polymer Mug- 180C, TFN 120 sec.

Mini / A5 Puzzle- 180C, TFE 80 sec, TFN 100 sec
A4 Puzzle- 180C, TFE 90 sec, TFN 120 sec
A5 Glow in dark puzzle- 165C, TFE 60 sec
A4 Glow in dark puzzle- 165C, TFE 80 sec, TFN 100 sec.
Polymer Puzzle- 180C, TFN 260 sec

Plater- 170C, TFE 90 sec., TFN 120 sec.

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